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Recipe: Vegan Not-Mince Burgers

I make my own not-mince and use this for burger patties, spaghetti sauce, non-metal loaf, and crisp it up to crumble onto salads.

To make my mince, I put in the food processor:
– a cup of chopped mushrooms
– a cup of baby spinach leaves
– a zucchini
– a purple sweet potato, keep it to one small as they become pasty when the cook which changes the mince texture
– two small sweet potatoes
– 5 cloves of garlic

Once these are minced I put it all into a bowl and add:
– a tablespoon of cold pressed olive oil
– a teaspoon of liquid smoke
– a scoop of raw rice protein powder, this helps with the binding and adds protein

To make a burger patties, I take a handful and make the mince I to a pattie, place in a medium heat fry pan with a thin film of olive oil rippling so it’s hot and ready. Place the patties in the pan, pop on the lid and cook one side for 6 mins, take off the lid and flip each pattie, replace the lid for another 6 mins.

I usually pretoast the bread in the pan as it is heating, I prefer Khorasan bread as my tummy is not super keen on wheat. Place the cooked pattie on the bread, I topped with slices of vegan cheese, smokey bbq sauce, tomato and cucumber slices, and raw kim chi. Eat ☺

The rest of the mince meat I add to the pan with a bit more oil, cook for 6-8 mins with the lid on, stir and cook again for 6-8 mins. The I pop it into a Pyrex dish, lid it and put in the fridge to use for another dish.

📷 @theeco_logic

Recipe: Orange (the colour and the fruit) Not-Sausage Salad

Super salad for lunch!! 😍 I know I’m not helping with the stereotype of a vegan who eats a lot of salad, but I do love them.

Orange (the colour and the fruit) notsausage salad
Make a bed of baby spinach and beetroot leaves, cook sweet potato medallions (I use my sandwich maker and a little cold pressed olive oil), add diced cucumber, raw carrot, tomato  and chilled orange pieces, then top with grilled mushroom and apple and sage soy sausages diced, drizzle smokey bbq sauce (and probably will add kim chi later…. I’m addicted).

I cook my mushrooms, sweet potato medallions and not-sausage in the flat sandwich maker as it cooks both sides quite quickly at the same time 😉


📷 @theeco_logic

Recipe: Berry & Banana Vegan Smoothie

It’s been a busy start to the week, feeling a little flat this morning after another late night so I’ve made a energising smoothie for breakfast.

Add to a blender: Frozen banana, blueberry, raspberry, rice protein powder and soy milk (or chilled water).

I usually put barley grass powder in as well, but ran out and the wild turkeys ate my spinach yesterday so none of that to put in today. I love smoothies because they are quick and easy to make, delicious (almost like an dessert for breakfast 😉) and there really is no excuse not to have one as they pack and go in a jar so even on my most hectic morning I can have it in the car.


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Recipe: Banana & Barley Grass Smoothie

This is my favourite smoothie. Banana was my first solid food as a baby and I’ve been addicted ever since! I freeze between 1-2 kg of banana a week, more if I have friends/people coming over as you can make so much with them, including ‘ice cream’!! #yum

In the blender I put 3 frozen bananas, one table spoon of barley grass powder and half a glass of soy milk. I don’t always do the soy, and just add chilled water.

I add the barley grass to get some secret greens to my diet. It’s filled with lots of goodies. Depending on the brand usually it’s 24-27% percent protein, it is known to have 500% more Vitamin C than an orange, 200% the Calcium of cows milk, 500% more iron than spinach and steak, 200% the fibre of bran! I’ve found if I keep it one tablespoon to three bananas you can not taste any ‘grassy’ flavour. I may love my veggies, but I am not quite up for the grass taste!

📷 @theeco_logic

📷 @theeco_logic

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