One of my favourite views in Holland was the house boats down the canals. I was there in winter, the light was soft and no wind.


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Telescope Adventures

I was on a road trip from Queensland to South Australia. I stopped off in Coonabarabran for the night because I’d heard about an amazing place to see the stars, the Warrumbungle Observatory. Peter there was an incredible source of information, and allowed me to get some shots using my SLR on the telescope. It was just so fascinating, I did not even notice the freezing temperatures!


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#TBT: Xmas in S Korea

This was a Xmas day hike into the foot mountains surrounding Cheong Ju South Korea. It was my favourite temple, when I first arrived, it was the first little one that I found, I was a bit homesick and still culture shocked. The monks were very friendly and let me sit in their lovely gardens most weekends for the first month.


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