I’m not really off the wall

So the people who learn of my passions for self sufficiency and sustainability expect me to be wildly off the wall in my approach to life and all things in it. Like I would live in some kind of random-shackled-together-recycled-building-materials hut. Whilst that type of living sounds wonderful and very altruistic, it is not how I want to step forward at this stage in my life.  When I was younger, I found that extreme approaches and strong views do not bring about understanding or generate positive interest from the majority of people. All I felt was frustration that they would not listen, without realising that they just did not want is shoved down their throats. When I joined an environmental group in my 20s, sitting listening to the group talk together, I realised, that this extreme approach was not going to work in the long run. The facts are there, the western world’s approach to living, food, goods production and waste is not practical, sustainable or ethical, but I have learned educating and gently sharing is far more productive and allows people to work at their own pace to seeing how things really are and making the changes they are comfortable with as they grow.

Empowering is always better than forcing.

I have built a business to work in an online industry to earn the funds and create the time and space to do what I love, creating, investigating and inventing in my passion for sustainability. My business is 100% digital, I produce no office waste and have set travel days that I book out of the office meetings and work into to restrict my travel, and enable me to get my work done.  This being said, I need to have a high level of technology in my home, electricity and good internet to keep the business going. These come with their own unsustainable compromises that I contemplate options for regularly.

I live in a ‘normal’ house (from the outside any way 😉 ) in a regular suburb. My other half, who has his own thing going on, is respectful of my choices and views, but prefers not to live by candle light because the solar didn’t build enough back up to run the lights, or have to finish a long day with hand pumping the water tank to wash the dishes. This I understand. We find balance together as we are creating and implementing sustainable practices within our home and within all the activities that I undertake.

I take responsibility for my own actions and choices.

Now you know a little bit more about me, I look forward to learning more about you.

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