Recipe: Vegan Not-Mince Burgers

I make my own not-mince and use this for burger patties, spaghetti sauce, non-metal loaf, and crisp it up to crumble onto salads.

To make my mince, I put in the food processor:
– a cup of chopped mushrooms
– a cup of baby spinach leaves
– a zucchini
– a purple sweet potato, keep it to one small as they become pasty when the cook which changes the mince texture
– two small sweet potatoes
– 5 cloves of garlic

Once these are minced I put it all into a bowl and add:
– a tablespoon of cold pressed olive oil
– a teaspoon of liquid smoke
– a scoop of raw rice protein powder, this helps with the binding and adds protein

To make a burger patties, I take a handful and make the mince I to a pattie, place in a medium heat fry pan with a thin film of olive oil rippling so it’s hot and ready. Place the patties in the pan, pop on the lid and cook one side for 6 mins, take off the lid and flip each pattie, replace the lid for another 6 mins.

I usually pretoast the bread in the pan as it is heating, I prefer Khorasan bread as my tummy is not super keen on wheat. Place the cooked pattie on the bread, I topped with slices of vegan cheese, smokey bbq sauce, tomato and cucumber slices, and raw kim chi. Eat ☺

The rest of the mince meat I add to the pan with a bit more oil, cook for 6-8 mins with the lid on, stir and cook again for 6-8 mins. The I pop it into a Pyrex dish, lid it and put in the fridge to use for another dish.

📷 @theeco_logic


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